Here we go…

I figure I could inaugurate my new MacPro by extending my bloging beyond my immediate family. Let’s start off with the new machine. IT IS FAST! I upgraded from a 17″ Powerbook G4 with some modifications. I had installed a 120GB perpindicular drive and 2GB of RAM in the powerbook. I thought I was screaming fast, but the new MacPro is amazing. I’ve already added two more hard drives. It took all of 15 seconds to pop in the new drives and another 20sec to format and I am up to 1.25TB of storage. I have a PC running Windows XP that I built running along side my new Mac. Let’s just say my Windows machine is gathering some dust now. I’m pretty bummed that Parallels does not work on the MacPro yet though. If it did, I would be selling my PC on ebay by now. If anyone is interested, the 2.6GHz machine is plenty beefy enough for the semi-pro user. I am scientist by training and use some heavy graphics on ocassion. The mac does just fine. But mostly I am an average Mac user and love iPhoto and Safari. Holy steaming cow-pies batman, this machine rocks.


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