Imitation is the sincerest form factor

As I have previously mentioned, the Mac Pro is up and running. You can’t hear it, but trust me it’s there. About 2 years ago, I built a gaming rig that I decked out with AMD, Nvidia and Raptor drives. It was top o’ the line when I was done. It’s still pretty speedy. But check out the photo of the machine. Can you tell I really would have rather had a Mac gaming machine?

The case is from Lian-Li (by the way, check out this desk. Do you need a Faraday cage around that thing?) and boy did they just rip off the apple design. Keep in mind, those two ugly black squares in the middle of mine are hot-swappable SATA drives I installed for backing up. Before that, they were smooth flush aluminum panels. It was a beautiful enclosure with tons of space. However, beauty is only skin deep. As you can see, the apple design team really worked overtime on the inside of the Mac Pro. Granted, I’m not the best with cable management (as you can tell by the underside of the desk), but that’s not much of an issue with the Mac. No cables as far as I can tell. That’s probably the key to the efficient cooling. My Windows machine sounds like it is cooled by a bank of hair dryers. Now if only I could find a satisfactory Mac based Media center for the living room. I could replace the Windows MCE machine with a nice Mac Mini.

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