What the #$%&@!!

As I mentioned previously, I decided to implement Apple’s FileVault as a security measure (in contrast to Knox).The instructions were easy enough:

1) Turn on FileVault

2) Wait…

3) enter password

The problem was when I tried to start FileVault, I received this bizzare error message:

Picture 2

Huh? Is that even possible? I thought the Mac Pro could only have 2TB of storage. I mean come on! I’ve only got 1250GB of total storage. How could it require 3X that to create a secure disk. Once I emptied the trash and deleted a the clone of my boot disk, Filevault worked just fine. It took about 4 hours to encrypt everything, but when I woke up the next morning, everything worked great. My guess is that FileVault recognizes the home directory of multiple boot disks and tries to encrypt all of them. It still doesn’t explain the un-godly amount of requested disk space.

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