LightZone versus Aperture

I was browsing through my local Apple store carrying around a copy (the LAST copy) of Aperture and “Apple Pro Training Series: Aperture (Apple Pro Training Series)” like I was ready to make the purchase. Now I’m no professional photographer. In fact I take pretty average pictures which is why I want some software to make them look better. If I was a good photographer I wouldn’t need touch-ups. A eventually stumbled upon LightZone. Now this seems much more useful to some one like me than Aperture. While I have a couple thousand photos in iPhoto, I don’t usually need to compare rolls of photos from a photo-shoot. There is also an apparent user base out there too. The negative info I could find was a review on VersionTracker that claimed the software was too slow because it was written in Java. I don’t know about that, but it did win Best of Show at Macworld Expo 2006. I still have not decided, but LightZone is looking pretty good right now. If I finally decide on a new Camera that supports RAW format, it might push me over the edge to plunk even more money down on some better editing software.

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2 Responses to LightZone versus Aperture

  1. […] In case you’ve been on a deserted island talking to a volleyball and playing dentist with an ice skate, Apple released Aperture 1.5 this week. They had sent out a not so mysterious invite card that displayed the same camera lens from the front of Aperture’s packaging. The coolest feature is the integration with iLife, which seemed an obvious omission in previous versions. Aperture feels less like a “Pro” application and more like an add on for serious iPhoto users. You can check out my comparison with Lightszone here. […]

  2. rachel says:

    copy that apple ipod to home

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