Let there be Dolby Surround Sound

I just received my new Griffin FireWave. I picked it up on Amazon for $60. It’s a pretty easy setup. After installing the included software from the CD, you simply plug in the firewire cable and then plug the surround speakers into the little shiny white peripheral. Voila…surround sound. All in all, the sound quality is pretty good. The included software has some very basic settings. There are three “modes” which include Music, Movie and Emulation (as shown). The speaker configuration is also pretty minimal. There’s stereo, surround and surround with sub. Not much else going on there. For an office or bedroom, this is an excellent (and cheap) surround sound option. For the home living-room I would go with the optical out (at least on the Mac Pro) to a high end component device. Fortunately, my Mac is in the study, so the FireWave will do great.

Picture 4

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