Hungry hungry hippos

It’s looking very much like 2GB of RAM in the Mac Pro simply is not enough. With any other computer that would not be a big deal. $100 would solve the problem. But oh no…not for the illustrious Apple Mac “Pro.” It will cost a painful $300 for another 1GB. Sure the computer is ultra quiet. I’m sure those special heat sinks are helping. But my god, $300 for a measly one GB of RAM? As this post also mentions, iTunes 7 now sucks a lot of memory as well. Since iTunes is one of those applications that is left running constantly, this is a real problem.

What’s wrong with this situation. I need to spend the equivalent of an iPod to upgrade my RAM to handle the software to update my iPod?

I know what you’re going to say (I’m creepy like that), but I have not heard anything good about the cheaper third party RAM for the Mac Pro.

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