10.4.8 Goodness

Those busy little coders over at Apple have whipped up an update for Tiger. That puts it at 10.4.8 for those that aren’t keeping count. They are still giving us sweet lovin’ even when the Leopard release is just around the corner.

I was reading through the release notes to see what to expect and came across this:

Resolves performance issues that could occur when connecting to a Comcast network.

Wow, and I just thought that Comcast was screwing my bandwith with packet shaping. I would say thanks for fixing this, but I haven’t noticed any difference in my internet speeds.

So far, it all seems pretty much the same. I still appreciate the effort. It’s way better than having to install security patches every tuesday. Just think how much better Windows would be if Microsoft didn’t have to spend all of their time making security patches.

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2 Responses to 10.4.8 Goodness

  1. Chris says:

    After applying the update, my connection speed through Comcast increased from about 1.5Mbps to 6Mbps. It was very noticeable.

  2. macgiver says:

    After a few days of use, I could swear that my internet access is faster. Now, it could all be in my imagination. Either way, I’m happier this week than I was lat.

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