Thanks for that

I came across this WordPress blog post today. The author breaks down some fundamental guidelines for coding. To summarize: You should take as much care formating code as you would with an essay. This is good advice. I’m still a beginner when it comes to heavy lifting with Objective C, but I have already learned this lesson the hard way. It is much easier to find mistakes when you have the proper punctuation. Just imagine writing an essay without carriage returns, indentation, page breaks or punctuation. It would be pretty tough finding where you forgot to put that closing quote.

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One Response to Thanks for that

  1. Adam B. says:

    Sorry, I was mocking my professor, as he went over the top in explaining to us coding standards he wants when everyone in the class knew them because BU has you learn them when you taking the first two Computer Science classes. Yet the professor, of this 400 level class, went on about it for a whole hour

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