The wonders of Apple Hardware Test and Console

It seems that Disk Warrior is not going forward to support Intel macs. It’s pretty disappointing because I was a big fan of this software for the PPC macs. Unlike the Windows world, there are few system diagnostic tools for the mac. Maybe that’s because there are fewer issues with incompatible third party hardware. However, sh*t happens and sometimes you need more than Apple’s disk utility program to figure it out.

As I mentioned previously, I had some serious issues with kernel panics on my Mac Pro. Coincidentally I had installed a third set of 512MB ram cards just a few days earlier, bringing me to a grand total of 3GB (Aperture is finally feeling a little more peppy). I was concerned that the new chip was the origin of my problems.

Luckily, Apple includes a Hardware Test application on my system install CD. I only had to restart my machine with the “D” key held down. The Mac Pro booted right into a diagnostics program. Ran the extended diagnostics which took about 12 minutes. It tests the RAM, CPU and motherboard. It also provides some info about the machine.

Since it is not possible to do a screen capture from the hardware test, I’ve added a link to a larger camera shot.


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5 Responses to The wonders of Apple Hardware Test and Console

  1. WorX says:

    Why do you say:

    “It seems that Disk Warrior is not going forward to support Intel macs.”

    They say that it will be ready SOON:

    DiskWarrior and Intel-based Macs

    DiskWarrior will soon be released as a universal binary for compatibility with both Intel-based and PowerPC-based Macs. This page will be updated with additional details as they become available and an exact shipping date is announced.

  2. macgiver says:

    They’ve been saying that since the first Intel Mac was released. I wish it would happen, but it seems like development is going pretty slowly. No one would happier than me, if they did release a UB version. After all, I’m a registered user with no use for it.

  3. junior says:

    My G5 was a memory snob, it would only take Apple-certified or tightly specced chips from 3rd-party sources. I went through 3 sets from an online reseller before I got something that worked. The memory test never failed or errored, but the G5 ran noticeably slower with the extra “bad” memory in it and would choke when installing iLife or other Apple apps (and never with 3rd party apps).

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