Flickr photo streams in iPhoto

I love to look at other people’s photo’s on Flickr. Maybe it’s the voyeur in me or maybe I just wonder if other people’s lives are more interesting than mine. With iPhoto, you can keep up with all of your favorite photo groups and pools without having to click through to the web page. Just go into iPhoto and under the “File” menu choose “Subscribe to Photocast.”


Get the RSS feed address from the bottom of a Flickr photo set and paste it into the address box in iPhoto. Click “ok” and iPhoto will download the latest photos for you to view right on your desktop. You can even view the comments and titles for each photo.


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One Response to Flickr photo streams in iPhoto

  1. Moe Hong says:

    Note that your directions are not quite right. They say

    “Get the RSS feed address from the bottom of a Flickr photo set”

    however, Flickr does NOT issue RSS Feeds for sets, only groups.

    In fact, your pictured example shows a GROUP pool with the feed link at the bottom (“subscribe to photos from the photograph salem pool”) and specifically NOT a set.

    This does not work with sets. You should correct the article to note this.

    Otherwise, useful information!



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