Let the covers flow again

October 19, 2006

When Apple bought Coverflow to include in iTunes 7, I was both happy and sad. At first I was happy that iTunes finally had a nice interface for my album art. Sadly, Coverflow was no longer available (or so I thought). Coverflow downloaded album art from Amazon while iTunes uses the iTunes store (makes sense). I have some unusual CD’s which iTunes just ignores the cover art for while Coverflow happily found.

Fret not art lovers! Coverflow can still be found at MacUpdate. Just a quick download and your back to the good old days of August 2006.


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Where has all the art gone

September 15, 2006

Now that iTunes 7 has incorporated the snazzy Coverflow album visualizer, your probablly wishing all those P2P files came with art work. Well, look no further than Art Collector by Specere software. Specere is the same company that put out Menuet which can also download artwork. However, Art Collector allows you more direct approach and is not a system control panel (I hate mucking up my mac with more control panels). After you launch Art Collector, you are presented with an alphabetical list of your artists in iTunes. Select the album and you get to see the tracks, current art work and artwork that Art Collector has found. There is a bit of a delay, and really no batch processing, but what do you want for $8.95? Check out the demo, which as far as I can tell is fully functioning.

Picture 2

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